Confidentiality and Mission

Support services

Our Mission Statements

The Liberal Area Rape Crisis and Domestic Violence Service is a nonprofit organization serving the city of Liberal, Seward County, and the surrounding area by providing safety and support to the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and by working to eliminate these crimes.
Support services

FREE and Confidential Support Services

We mainly focus on providing a victim with an advocate program that offers:
  • Temporary shelter
  • A 24-hour hotline
  • Crisis and support counseling
  • Information and referral
  • Emergency transportation
  • Accompaniment for legal and medical procedures
  • Public awareness education
Read more about our confidentiality policy.

Crisis Hotline
Call: 620-624-8818
No matter how complicated your problem is or where it occurred, LARC DVS is there to help you. All our services are FREE. Visit us today.
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