Compassionate Assistance for the Victims of Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence

LARC DVS Staff and the families we serve are so THANKFUL for all donations this Thanksgiving. 
The donations were able to help over 40 families with Thanksgiving dinner. 
"Thank You" to Diamond Affiliation Insurance, Knights of Columbus Council #3381, Ada Linenbroker with the Commissioners of Seward County, KS, Dillon's and Venture Foods - Sublette, KS. 

FREE Help and Support for Sexually Abused Victims

Help and support
If you're a victim of sexual abuse, life can be confusing and difficult to handle. LARC DVS is here to give you all the support you need to feel safer and stronger again. Our services are FREE.
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Let's Put a Stop to Domestic Violence

Stop domestic violence
Are you worried a friend or a family member may be involved in an abusive relationship? Take the right steps to help him or her by calling us. We can give them shelter, support, and more.
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Get Involved in the Support by Donating

Support by donating
Support our cause and make a difference to the lives of victims, survivors, and their families by donating to us. Every donation you make will support a victim.
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