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Get Personal Advocacy to Secure Your Rights

When you're in need of personal advocacy, look no further than LARC DVS. We are dedicated to providing you with the personalized services you need. Trust us to help you deal with landlords, creditors, employers, and the Department of Children and Family. 

Our goal is to help you heal, and this is why all our services are FREE.
Healing process

Find the Help You Need From Our Caring Team

  • Helping you through your healing process following a sexual assault, domestic violence, or stalking event
  • One-on-one services
  • Group meetings on Tuesday nights to help you meet and support other victims
  • We focus on healing you in a holistic way
  • We consider children to be the secondary victims; we work with all your family members and friends (whoever needs it)
  • We offer our services to college students and their roommates, who may be secondary victims
  • We work with agencies in other states and can coordinate with families in another state
  • Providing support services to the secondary victims - roommates, friends, family members, and more - who are affected by the situation

Help Support a Victim of Domestic Violence 

Do you have a friend or a loved one who is or has been a victim of domestic violence? Let us show you how you can help him or her. Here are 8 ways you can support a domestic violence victim.
Crisis Hotline
Call: 620-624-8818
92% of the time, the offender in a sexual assault case is known by the victim.

If you need help dealing with domestic violence or you're a victim of sexual assault we can help you. Visit us today
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